Sexy Scissors (2012)

Sexy Scissors, 12:57, produced and directed by Angela Aguayo

SS Light Blue Red black font

Metal plates, craftsman tool chests, pictures of pin-up models on the wall…No, this is not an auto shop but Austin’s most unique men’s haircutting alternative. Coined by some as the Hooters of haircuts, “Sexy Scissors” is a commercially masculine space of negotiation. For under $20 men can get their haircut in an auto shop environment, receive complementary beer, a massage for $1 a minute and a haircut by a sexy and scarcely dressed stylist. This film explores the funky vortex of sex, power, masculinity and the endless journey to get the perfect haircut.


South West London International Film Festival 2013 (UK), international film festival, juried competition

New Art Film Festival 2013 (Champaign, IL) regional film festival, juried

The Intendence Film Festival 2013 (Arvada, CO), national film festival, juried competition

Phenom Film Festival 2013 (Shreveport, LA), national film festival, juried competition, nominated for best documentary short

Offshoot Film Festival 2013 (Fayetteville, AR) national film festival, juried competition


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