The Ritual (2014)

feature documentary in post-production, release in 2014, RT 90min

produced, directed, written and produced by Angela Aguayo

Fiscal Sponsorship: Women Make Movies

The Ritual is an autobiographical documentary exploring the commodification of the wedding ritual and how market demands map onto the bonds of friendship through the process of becoming a bridesmaid. Taking on multiple jobs to support their dream of becoming university professors, the film follows four women as they spend thousands of dollars each time a friend asks for their participation as a bridesmaid. Earning just above poverty wages to teach for a local university, these women meet a brave new world of choice and consequences as the rest of their non-academic peers proceed with the expected developmental life patterns. At the detriment to their economic stability, Lisa, Angela, Caroline and Kristen find themselves torn between the rituals of traditional womanhood and a new world of shifting gender roles and social mobility. The bridesmaid ritual functions as a kaleidoscope in which contemporary womanhood is filtered, solidified, negotiated, socialized and challenged. This documentary provides an alternative history of women’s thoughts on the relational underbelly of the bridesmaid ritual, the comedy found in unexamined traditions, the often-unacknowledged joy of connections between women, and the contradictions that bind us all together.

Website includes blog, web series, production stills and more. Visit The Ritual Website

Work in Progress Screenings (10 minute teaser):

Big Muddy Film Festival 2014, faculty screening event, invited presentation

Celebrate Women’s Luncheon, featured presenter, Southern Illinois University, March 6, 2014

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