Girls Make Movies

GMM poster 2013

co-founder and lead instructor

Girls Make Movies is a summer camp where teenage girls make films of their own in a collaborative environment. The camp is housed at Southern Illinois University where women faculty and students are hands on instructors for a week long creativity lab exploring media production. This is a faculty driven initiative created in an effort to close the gender gap between the men and women in the media production classroom. Ms. Magazine has named Girls Make Movies one of the up and coming media organization helping to increase the ranks of women in the entertainment/media industries.

The camp is now entering into its 5th year with a track record of success at helping young women explore their possibilities as media artists and college students. We have helped many of them start their careers on the film festival circuit by submitting their works, screening at venues such as the Citizen Jane Film Festival and the Central Illinois Feminist Film Festival. Many of our campers have enrolled as students at SIU and will continue their media production pursuits with the mentors they developed at camp.


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