(Re)capturing Womanhood

Kuwait City, State of Kuwait. Freedom, 2012. Photograph by Ghadeer Zachery, (Re)capturing Womanhood Collection

(Re)capturing Womanhood is a mobile media archive and traveling art exhibit addressing how women of all ages, races, orientations and abilities document their daily lives with mobile media technology. With a reoccurring thematic call every year, (Re)capturing Womanhood is a collection of images from around the world offering insight into the everyday lives of contemporary women.

Vernacular images, the ones created and sold by ordinary folks since 1839,  have been a part of our intimate social circles but rarely crossed the threshold into more public spaces such as the museum or academy. Until now, vernacular images have been the companions of dusty old suitcases and flee markets. In the last few years, with the evolution of new media technology, these ordinary images have made a significant public resurgence in the form of mobile photography enabled by cell phones and tablet devices. With the advances in mobile technologies, photography enthusiasts have found a diverse array of social media outlets for this newly emergent mobile production. Beyond sheer abundance of ordinary images, the participatory media culture around mobile production has become a significant influence in our collective social practices. The vernacular photography enabled by mobile production is an understudied category that deserves creative and intellectual attention.

The mobile photography archived in the (Re)capturing Womanhood collection documents the perspectives and spaces of women as they blur the lines between home mode photography and public circulation. Images that were once considered private are now transformed. This project is about understanding photography first as a dynamic social practice, historical document, and finally as an aesthetic medium.

Individual Exhibitions:

 Aguayo, Angela, Art Over Easy Art Auction 2010, Digital Photography, two photographs sold

 Aguayo, Angela, 930 Gallery, Louisville, KY selected mobile photography (April 2012), national call, juried

(Re)capturing Womanhood (2012-present), Digital art archiving project featuring mobile photography of vernacular culture from around the world. Images where obtained through an international open call for submissions. Curated by Angela J. Aguayo and Stacy Jill Calvert


Aguayo, Angela J. and Stacy Jill Calvert (2013) “(Re)capturing Womanhood: Perspectives and Portraits Through Mobile Photography in Visual Communication Quarterly, 20.3.

Group Exhibitions:

Aguayo, Angela and Stacy Calvert, Cinesthsia Feminist Film Festival 2013 (Carbondale, IL)


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