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This is how Sexy Scissors programs…

Phenom programing

Issues of programing and how a film is placed among others in a festival is of great interest to me. One day I would like to interview festivals programmers in order to write an article about the process of festival selection and curation. I am curious if programing concerns effects final selections, how programmers place those odd but awesome selections that seems to fit no where and the many other issues about curation in the festival environment. These question have come up for me as I have sent out many different kinds of documentaries in the past five years and find myself fascinated¬†with the process of anticipating programing goals based on a festivals website. Let’s face it, this process is expensive and the more accurate my read on where my film will screen, the more seed money I have for my next project. What I find myself doing, not in any conscious way, is staring at the photos of past festivals asking myself, would this group of festival organizers program a documentary about a shoot out of a black panther residence in the Midwest during 1970? Would these folks be offended by the half-dressed ladies in a haircutting salon? Have they programed anything like this in the past? Is this audience going to find interest in and maybe solidarity with the missing mexican women on the screen? ¬†If the answer is yes, how in the world will they frame, program and promote this work in the context of the festival?

I shot Sexy Scissors many years back and recently finished it to send out to festivals. Today, I just got the programing book for an upcoming festival screening, it seems we are sandwiched between a feature documentary about regulations in the porn industry and a comedy about breasts…its going to be a good one!

Upcoming Screenings for Sexy Scissors:

Phenom Film Festival on September 20th and nominated for best documentary short

Offshoot Film Festival on October 3rd

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