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Rural Civil Rights Project: Martin, TN

UTM Registrar's Office, 1963

Recently, the Rural Civil Rights Project (RCRP) has grown into a multi-site program. Last year, Kassi Abney developed the Rural Civil Rights Project: Martin, TN. With her documentary, “More Black Than White,” Abney has engaged in community screenings of her documentary about the slow process of desegregation in the local education system, decades after Brown v. Board of Education. This documentary has sparked an incredible dialogue in her community. Abney is borrowing from the conceptual framework of the Rural Civil Rights Project: Southern Illinois. The goal is to document untold civil rights history, a history that is largely silent about the racial tensions in the North and in rural Midwest communities. The purpose is to use digital rhetoric and technologies such as video production, digital archiving and mapping with the specific purpose of addressing the legacy of contemporary social conditions. Abney has adapted the topics of civil rights and community discussion based on the local history and current tensions in Martin, TN.

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