Festival and Art Distribution

This course is designed to provide students with a framework for understanding the global dynamics of the independent cinema industry. The course will take students through the process of circulating a project for festival screening and/or art exhibition. We will also explore engaging the spaces of non-tradition distribution in communities, as an activist practice and as public art. The course will also help students develop a new project idea and how to acquire support before production. The objective is to provide students with a framework of the industry through lectures, case studies, articles from current trade magazines and selected chapters of relevant texts focused on the critical problems and opportunities facing independent film producers in general. The new filmmaker-publicist-fundraiser of the 21st century needs to start generating an audience for their work that is connected by social media and cumulatively growing. Course activities include: introduction to grant writing, budgeting and financing, crowdfunding, building a creative team, post-production design elements, music acquisition, festival strategies, marketing materials such as press kits, building professional networks and an audience, and how to benefit from a transmedia approach, capitalizing on the evolving distribution outlets such as the Internet and the possibilities of mobile technology.

Course Materials:

There is no book or equipment purchase for this course. Although it is not necessary, if would be helpful for serious students to have a budget set aside to pay for festivals fees and other marketing materials.

Required Conditions for the Course:

If would be wise for each students to have at least one completed time based film project (narrative, experimental and documentary) ready to be prepared for exhibition and one project idea ready for development. Your assignments in this course will build around circulating your completed project and developing a new idea. There is no completed project that is too small or inconsequential, we welcome projects that defy categorization, and encourage work born in creativity and curiosity. We hope you join our creative distribution lab.

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